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Formal Recruitment

Thanks for checking out our site! We are always interested in new members joining our organization. If you are interested in Formal Recruitment click on the link below and it will direct you to the registration site. Also, please feel free to request more information about joining by visiting our "Contact Us" page!

New Member Program

At the first stage of membership, new member education is an opportunity for you to become familiar with the values, history, traditions, expectations, and ideals of Theta Phi Alpha. The program is an eight week program where you are encouraged to use this time to reflect on what led you to Theta Phi Alpha and to ensure that this is a commitment you will be able to make for life! Being involved in a fraternal organization is unlike participation in many other campus activities. Theta Phi Alpha links you to other new members, sisters, campuses, communities and generations. You are now sisters with women who, otherwise, you never would have met. You were extended a bid by the members of your chapter because they believe you are special and will strengthen their sisterhood and contribute to the chapter experience. During My Sister, My Friend, you will learn more about what sets Theta Phi Alpha apart from other fraternal organizations while participating in activities which will promote your personal development. Being a Theta Phi Alpha is a lifelong journey that starts now. You will be learning about our ritual, fundamental beliefs, history, heritage, structure, policies, and future goals, while also learning about the bigger fraternal world, including National Panhellenic Conference(NPC). You are encouraged to utilize your new members, chapter members, and alumnae advisors in your process of discovery about Theta Phi Alpha. They value you and want you to have an ideal experience.

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